Sample Page

Just for fun, let’s leave this sample page in place and prove our concept without much customization.

Here’s the premise: I’m going to post enough content here, optimized for the search engines to improve search results ranking for three separate search terms.
Those terms are as follows:

  1. “mousy search terms”,
  2. “help me with my mouse”,
  3. and the ever popular – simply, “mouse help”.

We’ll talk about those quotes in other articles. For now, this is what we have.
Please note, I’ve included the date and time with these images,
so you’ll know when we started our experiment.
As we progress, you’ll see how rises in the SERPs;
content from this domain will eventually dominate the results on page one of Google.
That should prove my point.

mouse search terms results on may 5 at 836 pm help me with my mouse search results on may 5 at 838 pm mouse help search results on may 5 at 836 pm

As you can see, is not included in these results – mostly, that’s because the domain had no presence on the web prior to its creation this evening.
So, let’s see how long it takes for this domain to be found on the first page of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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If you need to know more about mousy search terms, or mouse help, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we can answer all of your mousy questions and even provide results for a long-tailed search, like; help me with my mouse – no pun intended! Here we add a link to computer mouse help, so we can compete with number one.

  Paragraph updated 5/23/2013 – BR