Projects In Progress

Post Date: August 10, 2013

Today, I’ve updated no less than 28 pages (posts, really) on one of my other blogs. I’ve added my golden paragraph to each page and we’ll see how long it takes the search engines to digest and process this new information. My goal is to find my sites listed on page one of the SERPs for the term, “mouse help” – along with a few other terms, but that is my toughest competition.

Right now, Microsoft dominates the results for that term. Apple is in first place. Mousehelp dot com and dot org are just below the fold. Grrrr!

Tomorrow, I’ll do more of the same, as I have a number of sites I can use for this purpose. We’ll see how long it takes to raise my ranking.

Today, if you add the term SEO, to make the search, “mouse help seo”, I’m all over the front page! My content is all of the first page on Google results.

This brings up the question; how can we teach people how to search?

When I figure that out, I’ll probably own the mint.

If you need to know more about mousy search terms, or mouse help, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we can answer all of your mousy questions and even provide results for a long-tailed search, like; help me with my mouse – no pun intended! Here we add a link to computer mouse help, so we can compete with number one.