Mousy Search Terms

That title is one of the three search terms we plan to dominate in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). So, it makes sense to use a search term in the title of your web page or pages. The theme we are using here on WordPress is Genesis, and it offers a place to add Meta Data. That’s the stuff search engines read, to discover the terms that apply to the content of your pages. If you do a search for, “optimum number of keywords”, you’ll find many answers and many pages and many tools available to completely confuse you about the usefulness of keywords, which ones you should use and how many and where they belong on your pages.

Let’s stick with the “keep it simple” rule, and we’ll use our three:

  1. “mousy search terms”,
  2. “help me with my mouse”,
  3. “mouse help”.

Then, we’ll break that rule and add a few permutations of those terms, just to give the engines a bit more kibble to digest. Since I’m a big fan of doing business locally, I may add the words, local, Palm Desert, and Coachella Valley to my keywords list. Then, if somebody searches for local mouse help, or Palm Desert mouse help…. You get the idea, right?

Here’s that magical paragraph. It will change slightly as we progress through this project.
As we learn more about what works, we will likely tweak things along the way.


If you need to know more about mousy search terms, or mouse help, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we can answer all of your mousy questions and even provide results for a long-tailed search, like; help me with my mouse – no pun intended! Here we add a link to computer mouse help, so we can compete with number one.