Mousehelp Goes Desert Turtle

Very soon, Mousehelp dot org will burrow deep into the sand to find shelter from the heat.

As my business grows by selling knowledge and applicable skills in SEO techniques, I have to respect the craft.

By that, I mean, I’ve already proven that what I’m doing here works and I’ve done so by sharing the secrets with you over the past 6 weeks.

  • Search results for “mouse help” are now showing my pages in positions 3 and 5 on Google.
  • Search results for “mousy search terms” are now in positions 1 through 3 of the Google SERPs. That one was easy!
  • Search results for “help me with my mouse” were not so easy. The first link I find to my pages in on page 2 of Google.

I should say that as happy as I am to have achieved such success with this experiment overall, I am a bit disappointed about that last search term. However, it does illustrate a point about SEO, that it takes time and in some cases, a search term that is very common may have been posted in thousands of places and have seniority or as they say in teaching, “tenure” – so, it might take double or triple the effort to create enough content in enough places to improve search engine ranking for this term. I’ll have more to say on this later.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. We will soon be too busy to continue this project.
But I think we can safely say; QED!