Mousehelp Dot Org Demonstrates SEO

Knowing that posting new content drives Search Engine Results with Google, one might wonder how Mousehelp SEO still ranks so well when there has been no news for so long. It’s pretty simple, really. Most of the pages and posts here were created in May of 2013, that’s over three and a half years ago as I write this.

The key to this success is in the links I built here and in the evergreen content on these pages. For the most part, how you “Do-it-yourself” SEO remains the same. Yes, that was an awkward sentence, but I don’t think Google punishes bad grammar (maybe some research is in order.)

Social Media and blogging help too. As do links back to pages on your own website for a relevant search term like “Palm Desert SEO Expert.” Do you see what I did there?


The “New” SEO – Content Optimization

Originally posted on rouzell dot net, as, “Exaggerated Rumors” – this is a verbatim copy.

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – See more at:

I’m reminded of this (misquoted) expression when I hear people say, “SEO is dead!”

Search that phrase (SEO is dead) and you’ll find: About 48,200,000 results.
While a search for simply, “SEO” nets: About 210,000,000 results.

If that assertion proves to be true, then eventually the number of results should slowly approach par.
OK, I’m kidding. Since the one is contained in the other, your results are unpredictable, at best.
Also, when Google tweaks their algorithm again, all bets are off!

Here, for your reading pleasure, is an article (website, really) written years ago, to address this very same concern.

Today, we are going to call SEO something else. Content optimization – yes, that’s better. Easier to say? Well no, you need more syllables. Easier to explain? No, it’s the same as SEO, but the name makes more sense. We were never optimizing engines, after all. So, the new questions are – depending on levels of understanding: What is content and what is optimization?

Content optimization, as explained by Mousehelp dot org, in SEO terms, provided here for your amusement.