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Today, via LinkedIn, I enjoyed an exchange regarding some WordPress issues in a group dedicated to Social Media.

So, that kind of sums things up fairly nicely, when you think about it. On one of the more mature social media sites, we were discussing a blog and website platform, in a group dedicated to Social Media. Given the universal mention of SEO by so many posters, we really covered every topic related to communications today.

No matter what label you put on it, “digital marketing”, in all its forms requires skills in so many different forums. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, WordPress, websites, and now Pinterest, Yelp, Google+ and other newer forms of social whatever are things you need to know how to work for maximum value in your approach to marketing, branding, and name recognition.

Mouse Help Organic SEO is dedicated to using everything possible to get your website to show up on page one of search results.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Except, I have to add my paragraph….


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