Google Rules

In case you had any doubt about the power of search, here is a story of another website crash brought about by an increase in demand.

No doubt, you’ve heard of George. He wears swaddle.
Surely, you want this same swaddle for your baby.
How else will you get that regal feeling for yourself?

So, you search for the maker of the infant prince’s garb. You find the maker’s website and what!? The site is down! Yes, it’s true. You, too, may experience this good fortune – your website crashed due to the overwhelming demand for your product or service.

But, hey, if you aren’t already clothing royal children, you may just want to invest in a bit of SEO service for your site.

Drop me a line, give me a call, follow me, find me, but do make contact. Then I can help you be found on page one of search results.

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