Mouse Help Rising

Did you know that “Mr. Mojo Risin” was an anagram for Jim Morrison? I learned that recently.

Maybe I can come up with a clever anagram for Mouse Help Rising…. As it is, if you search for “mouse help”, my links are now on page one of Google, under Apple and Microsoft, in positions three and four of the organic search results. This is not bad company for someone who just eight weeks ago decided to do this experiment.

One question, suitable for another blog post:
Does anyone really pay attention to favicons?
I do, but I’m that way. It takes a bit of effort, but I think it is worth it, to have my little mouse image next to my company name on the tab of my website.

See how LinkedIn, Google and Moushelp are all represented by their respective images?


See how boring it can be without one? Again, I’ll say – maybe it’s just me!

That’s all I’m trying to say…

not favicon